Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mystery Lunch Sunday July 29th

Happy Birthday Leo's!

Are the brown paper bags decorated and filled with goodies yet? I hope not! No green, fuzzy sandwiches for me. Let me say that I at least have my bag and will be decorating this weekend. I have part of my menu planned.

Let's meet at Bunny's at be ready to leave by 12:30, for Elizabeth Park. We'll try to get a table by the water side. Oh...Bugsy, will you make the sweet tea since you impressed your buddy Al so much you must be the best. Phew, got out of that one. I have a med size cooler that I can bring, too. We will number the bags then draw a number. We can't get our own. If we want to trade something~hells bells-go for the highest bidder!

I miss you guys and am really looking forward to spending this time with you. Oh-please, no material gifts to any birthday people.....your company is our gift.

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