Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day....

Woke up to a beautiful, and HOT, Memorial day. Felt re-energized and full of creativity for the day. Worked on the SOSNews, did a little research for my children’s book, and then it started to look like rain. Remembering I had this blog that I loved creating and posting too, but sometimes…time seems to slip away from me and I didn’t post as much as I wanted. Heck I’m not sure anyone really reads it and I’m just blowing hot air into some cyber-lost world that has no home for my words. BUT today is the day I restart my post and try to make sense of all that is rolling around in my head. I’m always open for people to post to the blog, as it is as much yours as it is mine, or simply reply to what has been posted so I know I’m not alone. Come on, give it a try…it won’t bite you, well not at first J:

Now back to that rain…I love when it rains, in the spring, in the summer, and in the fall. Not so much in the winter, but sometimes that is nice too, because it washed away the dirty snow that has been beaten and battered by all the movement of life around it and shows the dull road rash of city life. A little rain is refreshing to all the seasons, and especially for me. It must be the Aquarian in me-Water Bearer-that just takes to lakes, rivers, oceans, and RAIN.

There is just something about having your windows open, hearing the faint sound of rollin thunder in the far distance, and the pitter-patter of the rain hitting the roof and the cement outside my windows. Today…is a good day.

The rain to me is like a cleansing ritual. The smell of wet grass, earth under my bare feet, the cool breeze drifting across my skin, and the rain falling gently upon my head is just blissful. I looked up to the sky, arms wide open, and I just take a deep breath in and smiled. Yes…today is a good day.

When was the last time you played in the rain? You should try it someday…it can revive you and make you lighter in spirit.

Well off to finish the SOSNews and getting ready to send off the Vol2. SOS Travelin’ Journal. Sorry it’s been so long, but I promise it will find itself in your mailbox very soon and I hope that you have found some peace, laughter, and love within its pages.