Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We are FAMILY... Celebration...


Where would YOU like to spend it? ~ Since we already know WHO you want to spend it with!

In 2004, Katie published our very first newsletter. In celebration of her dedication, of being the driving force behind this #1 seller (wait, it’s not for sale), I mean this famously known (well, between the Crosby clan) SOS Newsletter, and our hard work that she sometimes had to threaten out of us, we need to plan a girls trip. (Phew…..I’m sure my grammar teacher would die reading THAT run on sentence!)

We need to start tossing around some ideas, in order to agree on a plan by 2013. J Realistically, we can plan it inexpensively and still keep it fun. Here is a list of some ideas. We can do a 3 or 4 day long weekend, in any season. Stay in Michigan or go outside of the state. Please select or suggest some of your own:

· Rafting, kayaking, or tubing, on one of the rivers or streams of the Great Lakes

· Sagatuck area, Dune Buggy adventure

· Rent a cabin, on a lake, beach it, walk along the water, ride a horse on a beach, campfire

· Fall hay wagon trip

· Wine tasting in the fall……up north

· Hiking a trail

· Bird/animal preserve

· Long weekend or week in NC with Tina OR Meet ½ way ?? where that is I don’t know??

· Mackinaw Island

· Traverse City

· Double JJ Ranch

· Zip line in Canada (you will need a passcard or passport)

Personally, I would like to do something adventurous. It doesn’t have to be scary, adventurous but some challenging activity that gets us moving and laughing. We could chose a place that has both adventure and something low key, for those that do not want to do the same. Bottom line is that we would come together at the end of the day. ~Tina

Here is your assignment: For the July newsletter, submit your ideas (no matter how great or small-just like your bucket list). Let’s get this party started, shall we SOS’s? Come one, come all…….

I’m calling our 10th anniversary the “SOS ZZZ’s Retreat (Zip, Zin, and Zen)” by Katie

Sunday, June 19, 2011

NC Blueberry Festival Run Tina and Kristin 5k

Way to go to Tina and Kristin on their 5K run...

Tina's Time - 37 mins
Kristin's Time - 29 mins