Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween...

Come Closer,
A Little Closer My Dear....
Let me read your palm,
Toss some bones,
or cast your future
in these here cards
I have near...

The Worst Appetizers in America on Yahoo! Health

The Worst Appetizers in America on Yahoo! Health

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Friday, October 10, 2008


Oh Thank God….it is FRIDAY!!!

Today, and this weekend, are perfect examples why it is so great to live in the wonderful state of Michigan—Peak Leaf Color Viewing is here and Apple Orchards are in full swing. Just about everywhere you go there are glorious burst of Red, Yellow, Gold, and Orange to be seen—like some painter just came by with their brush of many colors and did his best work of art for all to see. And lets not forget the smell of apple pie, apple fritters, carmel apples, apple butter, and just 'bout everything else that Apples can be made into!

This weekend I will be heading north to immerse myself into the wild…well at least I’m going to pretend I’m on a vacation and explore the new and unknown—it kind of is! You don’t always have to go somewhere far to find some peace and serenity; sometimes the short jaunts are just as inspiring to the mind and body. And there’s no better time than the present; and of course I have my camera ready, batteries charged, and hiking boots unpacked and ready to conquer the trails. Oh yeah, might want to pack a lunch and some H2O, too.

Last weekend I was out at our Apple Orchard, “Apple Charlie’s”, and was able to secure about 30 pounds (no joke) of my favorite apple for baking; Winesap Apples, my cuz got me hooked on these a year or two ago—best apple pie I made with these apple (I’m sure the bottle of wine, I drank myself, had a big part in that vote). I’m not big into tart pies, so these apples are just the right sweetness—without being too sweet, and tartness—without making my lips pucker up in some weird deformity, perfection! And in my opinion, the apples make the best juice/sauce in my pies…just the right amount of thickness and gooiness, no need to add a thickening agent! Mmmmm…my mouth is watering; better get to bakin’ those pies!

I’m so excited about this season, it seems it is all I can think about and talk about! So happy trails to you and I’ll loving think of each one of you when I’m eating my Homemade, Sweet Apple Pie. Oh so good!


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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And the winner is....

Drum Roll please....

Le Pittbull Ladybug is our 1st Place winner in our SOS Halloween Pet Contest.

Congrats to Tee and Zee!!

2nd Place was a tie for "Chicken in Space" and "Chicken's Revenge"

BUT...Everyone is a Winner! And I hope everyone had fun doing this project.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

SOS Halloween Pet Contest

You've submitted your best Pet Halloween Photo and now it's time to vote.

Please send me your 1st place and 2nd place pick and result will be posted once all the votes have been counted!

Picture are in no particular order and no personal names are given.

(Sorry "S" I actually lost a file and your pictures are not included, but everyone can see them through the Newsletter. xoxK)

The Tiger that Ate My Buddy

Chicken's Revenge

Chicken in Space

Yellow Belly Chicken

Bird's Revenge

May the Force be with You

Le Pittbull Ladybug

Meeshka - Russian Peasant

Spider Dog from the Black Lagoon

Bumble Bee Horse

Friday, October 3, 2008

I have a very strong LOVE and hate relationship with the season of fall. I love the meaning of fall, it's my favorite time of year, but I know that it leads to winter—which is too long for me in the state of Michigan. I wish we could go from spring, to summer, into fall, a few days of snow for Christmas day, and then rinse and repeat. Wouldn’t that be the best! For as much as I love to have the down time during the winter months, and safe haven for adding on a few extra pounds without apologizing, I really hate how long our winters tend to be. But there is nothing like watching the four seasons, sometimes gently and sometimes in great force, roll in and out each year.

What’s not to like about the fall? Halloween is in it, my favorite. I can hike and ride my horse through the most picturesque pop of colors that nature gives to us for free and there are no bugs that are trying to suck the last drop of blood from my body. Sounds like Heaven on Earth to me! If I haven’t convinced you yet, well what about…

Apple Orchards? You know the place where you take your kids to go hunting for the Next Great Pumpkin, to get buzzed on unlimited amount apple cider and hot donuts, and to allow your children to pet every last lama in the pen, chicken in the coop, and pig in the mug trough because it’s much easier to clean off the dirt they acquire than it is to quiet a screaming kid from not getting slimmed by the usual barn mates housed at the farm.

And don’t let me forget about the apples…you know the ones that help keep the doctor away! Can I tell him I’ve eaten one everyday and yet I’m still sitting in his office with a red nose like Rudolph? I guess not, but it’s all apart of the season of fun, beauty, eeriness, and unlimited amounts of adventures that can take place in such a short period of time.

So I’m off to find the Winesap apples for the apple pie I need to make and to see if I can scare any of those kids that are in my way of the perfect pumpkin to carve this Spooktacular All Hollow’s Eve!

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