Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday 2x

Mother, Daughter
Aunt, Niece

Wishing you both much love
on your Birthdays

Happy Birthday
Aunt Sandy (7-29)
Tina (7-30)

Wishing you much love, happiness, and health this year and beyond.

Ti Amo

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's CROSBY Time...Crosby Family Reunion

It's that time of year again...

Are you wondering why you keep walking into doors, misplacing your keys, maybe your sunglasses? No more pep in your step? You have Crosby Deficiency-Ineedamealeosis! You need some quality time with your family and a good meal. Please come join us:

DATE: Saturday ~ August 13th, 2011
TIME: Noon to Dusk
Crosby Buffet at 3:00pm (Please be considerate and deliver your dish by 3pm. If arriving later, consider bringing a snack or dessert. It’s greatly appreciated. Call Elaine [734-281-6461] to confirm your dish by July 31st.)
PLACE: Jim & Patty Crosby

Bring your $$$ for the 50/50 raffle. Exact change is appreciated, for both raffle and auction. Don’t forget your auction item. How about bringing something ‘going green’ and help improve our environment? Homemade items are always a hot seller. Donate a surprise ‘Grab Bag’ to auction off or a box of several items to be sold as one. Please make sure to pay for your tab immediately after auction. (cash/check only - credit card machine is jammed.)

CRAZY TSHIRT Make it, bake it, or buy it but you must wear it. First, Second, and Third place prizes given.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We are FAMILY... Celebration...


Where would YOU like to spend it? ~ Since we already know WHO you want to spend it with!

In 2004, Katie published our very first newsletter. In celebration of her dedication, of being the driving force behind this #1 seller (wait, it’s not for sale), I mean this famously known (well, between the Crosby clan) SOS Newsletter, and our hard work that she sometimes had to threaten out of us, we need to plan a girls trip. (Phew…..I’m sure my grammar teacher would die reading THAT run on sentence!)

We need to start tossing around some ideas, in order to agree on a plan by 2013. J Realistically, we can plan it inexpensively and still keep it fun. Here is a list of some ideas. We can do a 3 or 4 day long weekend, in any season. Stay in Michigan or go outside of the state. Please select or suggest some of your own:

· Rafting, kayaking, or tubing, on one of the rivers or streams of the Great Lakes

· Sagatuck area, Dune Buggy adventure

· Rent a cabin, on a lake, beach it, walk along the water, ride a horse on a beach, campfire

· Fall hay wagon trip

· Wine tasting in the fall……up north

· Hiking a trail

· Bird/animal preserve

· Long weekend or week in NC with Tina OR Meet ½ way ?? where that is I don’t know??

· Mackinaw Island

· Traverse City

· Double JJ Ranch

· Zip line in Canada (you will need a passcard or passport)

Personally, I would like to do something adventurous. It doesn’t have to be scary, adventurous but some challenging activity that gets us moving and laughing. We could chose a place that has both adventure and something low key, for those that do not want to do the same. Bottom line is that we would come together at the end of the day. ~Tina

Here is your assignment: For the July newsletter, submit your ideas (no matter how great or small-just like your bucket list). Let’s get this party started, shall we SOS’s? Come one, come all…….

I’m calling our 10th anniversary the “SOS ZZZ’s Retreat (Zip, Zin, and Zen)” by Katie

Sunday, June 19, 2011

NC Blueberry Festival Run Tina and Kristin 5k

Way to go to Tina and Kristin on their 5K run...

Tina's Time - 37 mins
Kristin's Time - 29 mins

Sunday, May 29, 2011


RFTC 2011
(Race for the Cure 2011 - Detroit)

My Finish Line Time~ 34:29

Saturday, May 21st was the Susan G. Komen RACE FOR THE CURE walk/run in Detroit and my mom, me, Jessica, and Aunt Sandy went down to support the cause.

I've been walking the race since 2000-2001 and this year was my first 5k run. It was a goal I set for myself for the 2011 year and I accomplished that on that day. I had so much fun and can't help but feel very proud of my accomplishment~BUT what was more fun was just sharing the day with my mom, Aunt Sandy, and Jessica.

Mom, Me, Jessica, Sandy before Race Started

When I felt that moment of OMG I don't know if I can continue or when I felt my energy start to flee...I just remembered that I AM A WARRIOR and I was running for the women (and Men) who couldn't. My uneasiness or pain was nothing compared to what these woman (and men) have to go through to either fight/survive breast cancer or for the families that lost someone to this terrible disease.

The walkers and volunteers who kept telling us how proud they were of us (runners) and giving us high-fives as we passed was so uplifting and then to have the many bands and musicians playing along the route was very helpful. We couldn't have asked for a better it started out with a sky full of sunshine and in the 60's. By the time I finished the was close to 70 degrees. So inspiring. year I want to have t-shirts made that say something like SOS for TaTa's or Spirit of Sisterhood for TaTa's that we can wear as a group.

And I'm planning on running at least 3 more races this year. Possibly a 10k in Sept. for the "Run Wild" for the Detroit Zoo. :-) Yes~call me crazy.

Until later. Love you all and thank you for your love and support.

Finish Line Photo :-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 3 Begins...

Have to tell you I had to talk myself into my run this morning, but I pushed through it and got outside. Once there, the damp smell of dirt and the spring cleaning of rain from the night before made my heart sing. The only companions I had in the early morning sun was the earthworm that had crawled their way from deep within the earth to avoid being lost to the soft soil they call home. I had to dodge them while walking/running on the track. They actually gave me comfort and took my mind off the run because I had to keep an eye on them so I wouldn't squash them. Egads... I felt really good after and at peace. Free! 5w/6r/6w! Done...

BUT the doctor office visit today to their scale was not what I wanted to see! I could have sworn my scale at home was telling me the truth, but seems it had been lying to me this entire time. So I am not going to seek it out until I have a few more weeks of my training in tack. See if I forgive it anytime soon… BUT it gives me a little more motivation to keep getting out there ;-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Training Is In Session...

Well I just ending my 2nd week of training. Training for WHAT you ask??? Well Jessica and I are training to run the 5k at this years Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure" in Detroit on May 21st. We've walked it in the past, but this year I wanted to run (and Jess wanted to too) and with that said...required us to train for it and this started 2 weeks ago tomorrow.

It been easy and hard at the same time. Mostly because I've been naturally thin my entire life, but never really did much to stay in shape as I've gotten older. It's so true when people say "one day it will catch up to you..." and it does... IT DID! The picture is worth a thousand "OMG" how did I get this way :-). I think just having the support and the encouragement has been great and this sparks the extra fire I need since this hasn't not been easy. Just getting motivated was a task for me... (I can't speak for Jessica) but I feel GREAT I'm doing it-but ask me in another 2 weeks as this has just begun.

So until next time...
Happy trails and see you at the finish line!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lost for a while...

Hi there my family and friends...

Seems I've been lost for a while. I have been hiding in the dark, trying to figure it, my life...where do I go, what do I do, how to I make a change and if I make the change, who will fade in the background because of my choice!

I thought I had some things figured out, but then life has this funny way of sneaking up on you and making your turn a totally different way.

So I've decided that with all the craziness in this life, I might as well get back to some basics...and writing was one of them for me. Not sure if anyone else reads this, but I enjoy trying to get some feedback for others. It's my way of growing...

So here goes some more Growing Pains...