Sunday, May 29, 2011


RFTC 2011
(Race for the Cure 2011 - Detroit)

My Finish Line Time~ 34:29

Saturday, May 21st was the Susan G. Komen RACE FOR THE CURE walk/run in Detroit and my mom, me, Jessica, and Aunt Sandy went down to support the cause.

I've been walking the race since 2000-2001 and this year was my first 5k run. It was a goal I set for myself for the 2011 year and I accomplished that on that day. I had so much fun and can't help but feel very proud of my accomplishment~BUT what was more fun was just sharing the day with my mom, Aunt Sandy, and Jessica.

Mom, Me, Jessica, Sandy before Race Started

When I felt that moment of OMG I don't know if I can continue or when I felt my energy start to flee...I just remembered that I AM A WARRIOR and I was running for the women (and Men) who couldn't. My uneasiness or pain was nothing compared to what these woman (and men) have to go through to either fight/survive breast cancer or for the families that lost someone to this terrible disease.

The walkers and volunteers who kept telling us how proud they were of us (runners) and giving us high-fives as we passed was so uplifting and then to have the many bands and musicians playing along the route was very helpful. We couldn't have asked for a better it started out with a sky full of sunshine and in the 60's. By the time I finished the was close to 70 degrees. So inspiring. year I want to have t-shirts made that say something like SOS for TaTa's or Spirit of Sisterhood for TaTa's that we can wear as a group.

And I'm planning on running at least 3 more races this year. Possibly a 10k in Sept. for the "Run Wild" for the Detroit Zoo. :-) Yes~call me crazy.

Until later. Love you all and thank you for your love and support.

Finish Line Photo :-)