Thursday, August 14, 2008


The Crosby Family Reunion; look at the adorable faces of our Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts, Fathers, Mothers, Family, and Friends! If you missed the reunion, what a bummer, it was a blast! Dale and Helen came in from Texas, staying at Bunny's house. Kenny and Barb came in from up north, for the day, to spend time at the reunion. And a big surprise was having Lissa and Judy at the reunion this year; they followed Ron up from Florida. The whole gang, minus a dearly loved and missed Uncle Jim, were all in attendances.

The Psychedelic 60's was the happening place to be and our groovy family didn't let us down: Lisa, Sandy, Terri, John, Yvonne, Elaine, and Bunny all came dressed to the tee and Sandy won First Prize for her duds. Elaine in second and John bringin up the rear with 3rd.

The food fare was, without a doubt, the best we've had in past few years. Of course we had the usual (hot dogs and ham/cheeseburgers), but the pot luck dishes that arrived were plentiful and scrumptious! It was the first time, in years, where I went back for seconds because there was so many goodies. Great Job to everyone...this years spread was a hit.

Our 50/25/25 raffle was a success, with Jimmy winning the first drawing and Dena the runner-up. The house took the 50 cut and we were very happy with the outcome.

The auction was a HUGE winner of the day, bringing in enough to feed us all at Christmas and next years Family Reunion...with a little to spare! A special thanks to Holly for creating and bringing the 'Crosby' slates--as they were the hit at the auction. Jimmy and Patti, thank you for opening your home to us again and just dealing with the family as a whole. It is so nice to be out by the water and the weather held up for us, up until the end. But again, a little rain can't hurt us.

The next day, at Bunny's, the Brothers and Sisters gathered for a more intimate lunch. It was nice to finally sit down and have a chat with them all, as the Family Reunion is always so busy. Walt, of course, had us cracking up all day and by the end my sides were very sore. Laughter really is GREAT medicine.

I loved having Uncle Dale and Aunt Helen in for the weekend. We spent every night staying up late and talking. Throw in a few Mojito's and we had our own fun over the weekend. Uncle Dale was always cruisin' for a bruisin', but he managed to stay dear in my heart. Aunt Helen, you and I will be swapping so many recipes...I'm not sure I'll keep up. But it was a great weekend and I loved spending the time with them and was sad to see them go. It would've been great if Teri and Jacki could have made it up, but maybe we will just have to bring the party down to them!! At least the Crazy SOS Girls!!!

I realized that no matter how far everyone might be, or how long it has been since we have seen each other...We ARE Family and Time can leave us, but we still will always have each other.

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