Thursday, August 9, 2007


Hello Chick-a-Dee's

Here's to the ladies that keep the Family Reunion going, year after year after year. Hopefully we can keep them out of trouble.

Everyone is gearing up for our 18th Annual Crosby Family Reunion. It will be fun and even better knowing we have (almost) everyone coming in for it.

Uncle Ronnie left yesterday (driving up from Florida) and Uncle Dale arrived yesterday afternoon from Texas (The ol' Okie from Muskogee). What a hoot he is and will be staying with Bunny and I until the 16th of August-so Bunny and I will need to be on our toes.

So hope everyone has their 50's beehives or slicked back manes ready--come for some food, fun, and laughter Saturday, Aug. 11, 2007.

Will be back with more pictures and happening from the day. See you all there!!

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