Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is one of the glorious sights I get to see on my way into work every morning, during the Fall Season. The Ford Motor Company Headquarters grounds have two fields filled with these beautiful sunflowers you see here.

I have been trying to go over there, at different times of the day, to get pictures. It a little more difficult this year, as last year they had an addition field where you could just drive into and snap away! This year, I have to park on the side of the road (scary if you see the Southfield Service Drive during peak time) and run out to the side of the field to get any close up shots.

Here are some of my pictures I have been able to get and I hope it brings a little sunshine to your life. I'm heading out today, as lunch, to see if I can get deeper into the field. Wish me luck.

© Copyright 2008 Kathryn Frank

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