Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain, Rain...Dance in the Rain

There’s nothing like falling asleep to a light rain coming down from the heavens. Last night, into this morning, and throughout the day the rain is spilling from the sky to wash away the last part of my summer days! I love the rain, maybe not everyday, but the rain gives me peace of knowing I don’t have to rush to get outside, wasting a sunny day away. Rain…it is the water that gives life.

The rain breaths new life into the spring and washes away the dust of a hot summer day. Even in the winter, rain can clean the dreary dirt that clings to the snow and allow it to look pristine again. Think of one of those winter days when you know it’s not safe to be out on the roads, but the rain has put a frozen shell on every surface and make the trees and ground look like a Winter Wonderland.

There is nothing like dancing in the rain. Do you remember when you were little, it didn’t matter if it was raining, you wanted to be outside. Well…why not now? So what if you are no longer a kid without demands of everyday life, go out and cleanse your soul. It will be good for you. Just go out and stand in the rain. Feel the rain drench your clothes, you hair, your body and then put your arms out and spin! Guaranteed you have a smile on your face soon after that. Just allow yourself to be in the moment.

I love the rain. It makes me want to curl up with a book, hot cup of tea or coffee next to me, and to get swept away into another world. It makes me want to stay in my pj’s all day and just curl up with someone I love. No demands, no worries, just a day to relax and clear some mental space.

So the next time it rains, go out and dance in it. Allow your spirit to be cleansed and feel the gift the Lord is giving to you. Don’t forget that the past was a gift and don’t take for granted the present, because another day is never guaranteed. Live, Love, Laugh...and dance in the rain!

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