Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September Dreams and Fall Scenes

Welcome to my favorite time of year-Fall. This is just the beginning of the beautiful artwork nature will be displaying to us all. I love the chance to bring out my fleece and sweater knits, seeing the brilliant colors everywhere, and the smell of apple pie baking in the oven. It's also holds my favorite holiday-Halloween. It's going to be a fabulous Fall season.

Thank you all for your contribution to the Newsletter and if you haven't seen it yet, know it will be delivered within a day or two. It was great to have work that everyone submitted. I know some of the assignments might have felt familiar, but that is where I ask you girls to step in and just throw a bone once in a while. If something you've been contemplating on for a bit, chances are others have, at one time or another, thought about it too. And if not, it gets our brains working and gives me more of OUR work to put into the Newsletter, because it is OUR newsletter. I would like to see if anyone will send me something for the Halloween Season Newsletter since the next Newsletter is for October. So take a moment, think on it, and send me your best.

I'm also employing you to get your cameras out and send me the photo's and stories. It can be about you, your family, the kids, tips for us girls to use, reviews, recipes, thoughts, poems, quotes, etc. All are welcome and encouraged!

I look forward to our Girls Game Night. Let's talk Food and Drinks--please email me with your poison and the remedy. Because it's coming up soon and we have yet to discuss this or our Holiday get together. Something for us to talk about on Game Night...what we want to do for the Holiday season. Gift Exchange? What day and time? etc.

Also-what about Euchre? Do we want to start this up again? What day would work for everyone? Do we have enough, with subs, to do this? Do we want to start it in October or November or January? Name your game ladies. Again this is just to have a night away from the husbands, boyfriends, kids, pets, plants? and have a little shindig with drinking and game?

I'll keep you posted with new and interesting news on the blog--since I want to post to this more than once a month and please feel free to post yourself. So, tell me (email me) with what would make you check out the blog at least once a month.

Have a wonderful September and make sure to get back to me regarding all my questions, thoughts, and shenanigans that I've bestowed upon you girls with this posting.

Live, Love, Laugh

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