Wednesday, July 25, 2007

2007 Goals

At the end of last year I asked everyone to write down their goals for 2007, put them in an envelope, and Bunny was gonna hold them till our Girls Christmas gathering. I haven't thought much about them, but just this past week or so I was really thinking about this blogging site and our newsletter and it popped in my head about our goals. I asked Bunny and she found them in her room--just her and Tina's (mine were on my computer).

So...(Tina's favorite saying) knowing we didn't have every one's, we decided to open ours and read them...and it turns out Bunny had the majority of hers happen. Tina and I were just duds!! But it made me think about this some more.

AGAIN...SO....I want everyone to think about this and come November (which isn't that far away) I will be asking for them again...and I expect everyone to do this.

I think we should think about our Christmas Gathering (yes I said it and Tina will be so proud...CHRISTMAS) and exchanging gifts, handing in our sealed goals for 2008, and what/where we will have it this year. Jess--I know you are just dying for us to come to the house. hahaha

So I hope you all will begin to think about this and start making the plans to do better for next year.

Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often....onward my chick-a-dees

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Jess said...

You know I would love to have everyone over for Christmas!!!!!