Sunday, July 29, 2007

Horsin Around

Hey girls, sorry I missed lunch and birthday celebrations but as you can see I was out and about Horsin' Around this weekend. It was nice to get away for a couple of days. I liked hanging out with my aunt, going shopping, going to get ice cream, going to the -only bar in town-haha-for a burger! It's very beautiful there, not to mention all the time I got spend hanging out with the horses. There were 9 of them-2 Thouroughbred and the rest Quarter Horses I believe. All very nice and wish I could have brought them home with me, okay well not all of them, haha. I guess I will just have to get away more often to see them more and get Little Miss Kyra riding! Up North is so nice and peaceful, I wish we could all have a second home there. Wouldn' t that be fun???? Maybe we could open up another bar, give the people some variety! hahaha
Alrighty, gotta go now-Keep on Bloggin Bloggers!!!!

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Katie said...

Great Pictures. That picture you have on your blog is really endearing. Glad you had a nice and quiet time. We all need it. Sorry you were not at our lunch, you were missed. K